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teethe - self titled

The new Garage Sale single is out now! Listen to 'Blank Again' now :-)

bargain - promises

Bargain joins the SHR line up with the first single from a new release. Liam is crazy talented at what he does and everything that’s been put out under this moniker I’ve had on repeat over the past couple years.
Couldn’t be prouder to release this stuff , tape orders will go up once the songs are ready :-)

freezer tour

10.6.23 - newcastle, the hive. w/ twine, doris, sondar
18.6.23 - melbourne, nighthawks. w/ keratin, wwlbayalyf
22.6.23 - canberra, sideway. w/ sondar
29.6.23 - wollongong, la la la's. w/ sondar, bargain, ape rib
7.7.23 - sydney, the alley. w/ freight, dbatls

freezer on a little tour for ...idmpbnks :^)
this band has been putting in the hard yards at the moment, try to catch them on their way through

gsale, twaag, sondar

Garage Sale
The World at a Glance
Sondar (nsw)
at the Retreat Hotel.

cool little show promo w gsale for june :)

...i do my part by not killing spiders

PRE-ORDER the new EP from freezer
releasing 18.6.23

freezer shows

freezer (nsw)
WeWillLookBackAtYouAndLoveYouForever (debut live)
at nighthawks.

freezer are coming south in support of their upcoming EP '...i do my part by not killing spiders' through Horse!
This line up is super cool - we have Keratin who's new EP I adore
and we have WeWillLookBackAtYouAndLoveYouForever! Gracing us with their first live set

Keep your eyes out for physicals and a full tour announce <3

thanks for being a part of it