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For all you grubs who didn't turn up and get a shirt on tour.

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SHR007: Hanoi Traffic - Towards An End

Hanoi Traffic join the Sore Horse line up with shr007, 'Towards an End'. This popped up in my inbox during a really busy time, though I couldn't get my ears off of it - it HAD to come out on the label. Scramz produced in just the right way, from my CD burner to your ears.. If you were a big fan in the 00s/10s, then carry on with Hanoi Traffic.

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Shimmer on CD

Garage Sale - Shimmer CDs are here to bless the webstore as we kick it up to gear in 2024.

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freezer merch drop

Couple new things for ol' Sore Horse today. Check out our first CDs and T-Shirts ;D
The likelihood of me getting any fresh tape blanks in for releases in Australia was looking more and more slim, especially while we are still in the midst of COVID affecting shipping in different parts of the world - and I ain't slowing down! To celebrate I've got pre-orders up for the first run of merch and CDs we're doing :-))!

'...i do my part by not killing spiders' seemed to be your pick of '23 and i really don't blame you.

These CDs are home-made, printed, burned and loved. From my home to yours.

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geography - save the world

Geography joins the Sore Horse Community Roster with a really great double single. Georgia's project came to me as affiliation of the band Armlock, where her vocal harmonies always stood out. So, to have her singing on her own project is something special, and something to look forward to amongst lofi-indie happenings in Narrm over 2024. These first two tracks are incredible and I'm excited to have the cassingles dubbed and ready to post out.
Grab one of them on the store, here!

sore horse presents: gsale/obscura hail/twine/doris/00_

This was the first real event I've put on since the old Lennox Head DIY days. I think I had my tail in-between my legs for the longest time while I built up the confidence that people would actually want to come out to local emo shows again. The spot packed out pretty quickly, though having wrangled such a solid line up I wasn’t entirely surprised, D'shut feels nice and cosey, nice and homely - especially with the Melbourne rain starting to come down outside. All the bands were awesome, everybody played stupid good sets, and between the ebb and flow of people leaving for smokes or pushing inside to participate in the “softcore pit” - vibes were high. I indulged in 1 glass of wine per band, and with 4 bands to watch, it meant things flew by a little quick.
It was nice to hang out at the merch desk, I stopped and tried to chat with everyone that came through over the start of the night, though my efforts were stunted by the room filling out more and more, also by the wine. I admit (although I love it) I’m not the best with big crowds. I snuck home after we played the last set because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, spotted only by Doris' drummer, Charlie, who gave a quick nod to my quicker french exit.

I can’t help but be super proud of this one. Shout outs to everyone who showed up and hung out, to the venue and to friends old and new. I'll definitely be around until the early hours for the next one - and we'll see you there! :)

Benji xoxo <3

garage sale - blank again

For those who don't know, Dan and I (Benji) who work on the label, play in G-Sale. We played a pretty crazy amount of shows this year and to mark the a sort of transition period for the band, from not knowing what we were doing, to having slightly more idea. Blank Again is a cool song, and the last track we recorded with our homie Marci on drums. <3
Listen to 'Blank Again' now :-)

teethe - self titled

Teethe self-titled re-issue tapes are now selling through the webstore right now. This album is a favourite of mine, and really is one of the best slowcore albums - especially amongst the revival. Madeline has done some art for G-Sale, and her and Boone have always been big supporters of Sore Horse, so I'm really proud to be putting this out for the Australian heads.

bargain - promises

Bargain joins the SHR line up with the first single from a new release. Liam is crazy talented at what he does and everything that’s been put out under this moniker I’ve had on repeat over the past couple years.
Couldn’t be prouder to release this stuff , tape orders will go up once the songs are ready :-)

freezer tour

10.6.23 - newcastle, the hive. w/ twine, doris, sondar
18.6.23 - melbourne, nighthawks. w/ keratin, wwlbayalyf
22.6.23 - canberra, sideway. w/ sondar
29.6.23 - wollongong, la la la's. w/ sondar, bargain, ape rib
7.7.23 - sydney, the alley. w/ freight, dbatls

freezer on a little tour for ...idmpbnks :^)
this band has been putting in the hard yards at the moment, try to catch them on their way through

gsale, twaag, sondar

Garage Sale
The World at a Glance
Sondar (nsw)
at the Retreat Hotel.

cool little show promo w gsale for june :)

...i do my part by not killing spiders

PRE-ORDER the new EP from freezer
releasing 18.6.23

freezer shows

freezer (nsw)
WeWillLookBackAtYouAndLoveYouForever (debut live)
at nighthawks.

freezer are coming south in support of their upcoming EP '...i do my part by not killing spiders' through Horse!
This line up is super cool - we have Keratin who's new EP I adore
and we have WeWillLookBackAtYouAndLoveYouForever! Gracing us with their first live set

Keep your eyes out for physicals and a full tour announce <3

thanks for being a part of it